Manage My Booking

For guests that have purchased tickets directly from our website you can use this page to find your booking and reschedule your itinerary. Guests may change their reservation one-time at no charge*. However, the guest is fully responsible if the fare price for the new date/time selected is more expensive. Refunds are not issued where ticket prices have decreased due to promotions or where the date/time selected is less expensive. Changes are subject to availability.

Local Sales Depot Purchases cannot use this rescheduling tool – Please contact the Tour or Attraction directly to change your itinerary.

Trusted Tours & Attractions or Online Travel Agent Purchases (Viator, Expedia, Get Your Guide, Trip Advisor, Groupon etc.) cannot use this rescheduling tool – please contact these companies directly to make any changes needed.

*Additional Changes – If you made changes previously and need to modify your tour or attraction date/time again, please contact the Tour or Attraction directly by calling the phone number on your ticket.